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Reasonable 4POT caliper
 caliper Low cost 4POT caliper with reduced price. Especially among the domestic cars, we recommend the "M4" as a prerequisite for exchange rather than the caliper O / H, as the scratches on the caliper are advanced, especially with the genuine Brembo caliper equipped car such as Skyline. 
 By attaching it in front and back set together with rear special forged 2POT caliper "S2", it becomes possible to be more balanced.

About padding For
circuit pads that emphasize high temperature characteristics, in order to demonstrate the original performance, it is indispensable to perform "bedding", which adds heat beforehand before doing a hard run and attaches to it. 
Beding is always done in the top categories SUPER GT, WRC, various races taking place in Europe. 
Before using semi-metal brake pads, proper bedding is required to stabilize high temperature performance and extend the life of pads and rotors. 

【Method of Bedding】 In 
the circuit running when new goods are installed, while avoiding the hard brake, increase the rotor temperature to about 400 to 500 ° C and attach the Atari. Afterwards, if you lower it to 100 ° C or lower by natural cooling, it is finished. 

※ In rainy weathering may not be able to derive the original performance of the brake pad. Please go as far as possible when you sail in fine weather.

[Main kit contents]
· Caliper body (Standard color is Blue Anodize) 
· Dedicated caliper brake pad (Selection type) 
· Mounting brackets 
· (Brake rotors) ※ 1 
· Brake lines for caliper 


* Front rotors size 326x30

Estimated delivery time 1-2 months